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Vicky Catalan’s drawings in Unilad

The UK media, Unilad with 46 million followers on facebook,publishes Vicky Catalan’s drawings. The level of detail in these realistic iPad drawings is just mind-blowing  Super realistic iPad drawings. These faithful iPad drawings are so gratifying to watch come to life. Created by Vicky Catalan, a professional digital artist who has designed for brands such as Nikon and Imaginarium. She’s gained an amazing 4.4 million likes and nearly 160K followers on her TikTok. And who can blame her loyal fanbase? Vicky...

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The video of the avocado drawing by Vicky Catalán goes viral on tiktok!

This time it is the video of Vicky Catalan’s avocado drawing process in Procreate that has reached more than one million views in a few days. @vickycatalan_ Responder a @uy0906 avocado in Procreate 🥑 aguacate en Procreate #ipaddrawing #procreate #applepen #brushes #aguacate #satisfying #artist ♬ Rico Rico – johmomusic

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