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Procreate online course: drawing with digital tools.

The Procreate application combines traditional drawing with the most powerful digital tools, which has made it a revolution in the world of digital art. As it is very intuitive, you can start using it as soon as you open it, and go deeper until you discover its full potential. Following this course you will learn the technique, and a new drawing method that will open up endless possibilities.

Non destructive workflow

One of the great advantages of drawing using layers is that you can draw with a non-destructive workflow which means that you can keep all the steps and elements of your drawing on separate layers, and you can make changes at any point in your work at any time. In this course we will see how we can put this into practice.


  • 31 video lessons

  • 10 premium brushes

  • Color Palettes

  • Unlimited access


  • iPad

  • Apple Pencil

  • Procreate